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L7 A/V is about the latest and greatest audio and visual technology.

The term “L7” is slang for the word “square”, or to be “square”.

Wikipedia defines square as- “In referring to a person, the word originally meant someone who was honest, traditional and loyal. An agreement that is equitable on all sides is a “square deal”. During the rise of jazz music, the term transformed from a compliment to an insult.”  

A square can also represent many other things including a receiver, speakers or a television.

A person who is not “hip” is “square”.

In location, “The Square” is the name of downtown San Marcos, Texas.

Marc Cunningham

“It’s Hip to be Square.”

This site was created by Marc Cunningham as a project for Fundamentals of Digital & Online Media at Texas State University – San Marcos. 

Marc is an undergraduate in Advertising in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

He loves technology as a tool to empower, connect, educate, entertain and make life more enjoyable.

It’s hip to be square.


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