Don’t Feed the Beast

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February 25, 2014 by Marc Cunningham


Ever since Comcast announced the buyout of Time Warner Cable on February 13, rumors abound that it will only hurt consumers in the end.

Comcast is currently the number one internet and cable service provider in the nation, with TWC following second.

It’s good to be on top, but swallowing the runner-up certainly implies a monopoly.

It’s hard enough to get a net neutrality bill to stand in trial, after last month when the D.C. appellate court ruled against the bill saying ISP’s are not public utilities. 

Last Sunday Comcast announced a deal with Netflix, essentially killing net-neutrality.

In an article yesterday Forbes said, “Comcast itself is already failing. After all, as I wrote on February 19, it is the worst when it comes to customer service and its prices are rising several times faster than the rate of inflation. TWC — number two in market share — is nearly as bad when it comes to service quality.”

If Comcast and TWC can’t make a legitimate argument that it favors the consumer, it may not pass anti-trust legislation. 

“The merger of Comcast and Time Warner Cable touches on important policy questions bout how Americans access these valuable services,” said Senate Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy in a statement.

“It also presents a critical moment to discuss net neutrality principles that have allowed the Internet to remain an open marketplace for ideas.”

 The Comcast/TWC merger goes in front of the Senate March 26.

There’s still time to contact your Senators and let them know you believe in an open market online that supports startups and innovation with net-neutrality.

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