The Nexus of Now and New


February 24, 2014 by Marc Cunningham

After years of being an iOS user, I decided to get the new Nexus 5 to see if the grass was any greener on the other side.

I had researched the Nexus 5 for several months, tossing between it and the LG G2, but the purebred Nexus with KitKat won.

Nexus 5

After reading this review, I felt reassured that I’d made a smart purchase.

Nexus 5, HTC One, Galaxy S4, Moto X

Every Android Phone Ranked

My only hold out was that the phone was already six months old; halfway through its shelf life in the tech world. I decided to keep the box just in case I wanted to return it.


…but of course my puppy had other plans. Thus not allowing me to send the phone back for a full refund.

Just to add salt to the fresh wound, Google Now decided to make sure I knew there was a new version just around the corner.


I love a new phone just as much as the next person, but releasing a new handset every six months just adds more fatigue to shoppers.

At least with Apple I could count on a more stable one year product refresh- nay, not in the world of Android where Samsung kicks out a new handset every 4 1/2 months forcing every other android manufacturer to keep pace.

Sure it makes great fodder for the press, but what about the end consumer who’s on a two-year agreement? Well, with a Nexus 5 from the Play store I’m not tied to an agreement but I guess I can only hope the next gen handset isn’t worth another $500 right away.

I can’t say my experience has been all bad, despite getting my iOS buddies to switch to a platform agnostic SMS (I’m still searching for the best/easiest one for those holdouts), I really enjoy the customization, Google Now and even Google voice search.

“Okay Google,” makes searching much easier than holding down a button waiting for a chime that may or may not give me relevant answers.

I guess once the novelty of my new device has worn out there’s always eBay. I mean, isn’t that what it was invented for anyway? “eBay, where last years stuff goes to market.”

2 thoughts on “The Nexus of Now and New

  1. The Real John says:

    told you

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