Through the Looking [Google] Glass

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May 8, 2013 by Marc Cunningham

Through the Looking [Google] Glass

What’s Ahead for Google’s Latest Product.

  1. What you’re looking at is Google’s wearable augmented reality device. Something we began to see with the use of smart phones, the ability to use the camera lens to overlay information downloaded from the web in real time.
  2. Many argue that this is really nothing revolutionary, since we can already do this on our phones and the notion of having something affixed to your face is rather silly.
  3. I think Google Glass is either going to be a huge tech game changer, or be the next Segway (which still exists, but hardly revolutionized).
  4. One major benefit is never having to rush to grab your phone or camera from your pocket to capture a precious moment, and then share instantly. Even Better, you can live stream via Google Hangout.
  5. Google Glass suited up with Hangout capabilities via @mashable
  6. Google Glass gets Google notifications and limitations on background downloads by @jonrussell
  7. This really is just the beginning, and perhaps in the future glasses designers like Warby Parker may put a more sophisticated spin on it.
  8. Google Glass Picks Up Early Signal: Keep Out
  9. Although many people worry about the privacy issue- Wearing a camera, capturing everything at all times in private spaces.
  10. And then there’s the awkwardness of it all, like that ambiguity when you’re not sure wether someone is talkg to you or someone else on their bluetooth headset.
  11. These paradigms are something that are going to be tried and tested over the next few weeks, months, and years as developers work on perfecting the technology.

    Google Glass may not be revolutionary, but just an Apple Watch it will be evolutionary of the phone to provide us a constantly connected flow of information.
    And so the struggle begins- Do we really want to be THAT connected?

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