Mobile Studio for the Modern Journalist

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February 28, 2013 by Marc Cunningham

Mobile Studio

With the onslaught of bloggers and Pro-Am journalists, it’s important to stay on top of the game.

All the gear here make up a perfect toolkit for covering events like SXSW in Austin.

The Gear

Capture amazing videos and photos in the trickiest shooting conditions with the Canon EOS 6D.

You’ll need a lens, so consider the Canon 24-70mm f/4– it’s versatile and not as expensive as the f/2.8 (You’ll also appreciate the image stabilization).

Have a backup ready with the Canon EOS-M with 22mm lens that can shoot equally spectacular video.

The Canon Speedlite EX 320 flash makes a superb addition for both cameras that can act as both a flash for photos and a light for video.

The Tamrac Zipshot can hold either camera or the flash.

To post everything you shot online, the Apple iPad with Retina 64GB is hands-down the best option- consider equipping it with 4G for when there’s no wifi.

Stock up on memory cards, and grab the SD lightning adapter to upload everything instantly.

You’ll need somewhere to hold everything so consider the Tamrac Zuma 7 bag. It features ample storage for your DSLR, lenses, iPad, spare camera and everything else.

And finally, don’t forget to pack an extra t-shirt for when the nights get wild.


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